Short stories tagged with Abduction

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At the beginning of Carnival in Port of Spain, a drunk woman meets a strange white man with a jewel in his chest and then wakes up in a mysterious place.

An African-American doctor has successfully developed a new technology to cure several diseases and cancers, but in the face of a recent health crisis, others are finding more risky solutions that put the doctor and entire racial groups in grave danger. When the doctor is soon attacked and abducted, a stranger embarks on a dangerous mission to save her.

A woman investigates her brother's suspicious death in Antarctica and dwells on his wife's mysterious disappearance years ago.

After a drunken night out, a high school English teacher is kidnapped by a strange man. But as she uncovers her abductor’s motivation, the power shifts back in her favor.

When a mother of three children visits her home country of South Africa for Christmas, her depression at how her life has failed her renders her neglectful, putting both her eldest child and sister in irreparable danger.

In a small American town, a young girl is taken by extraterrestrial forces and returned to Earth lacking a face. The men of the town, along with the girl's mother, must decide what to do with the faceless victim.

A man returns to New Hampshire after years of hiding from his past to handle his dead father's affairs. When he encounters an old friend-turned-enemy and a local girl goes missing, the past he tried to run away from comes to light in a heart-racing turn of events.

A mother with a inferiority complex who is being monitored by her own oppressive mother starts receiving mysterious texts from a stranger. Her obsession with the perfection of Hallmark movies leads her to pursue a forbidden attraction that endangers her safety and wellbeing.

In a dystopian society in the Archipelago, a select group of people are trusted with memories from history, and they serve the ruling council as advisors. When one of the councilman disagrees with the advisors' most recent decision, he makes it his mission to put a stop to their influence by any means necessary.

A fifteen-year-old Yazidi girl stumbles upon a wounded American Green Beret. She secretly takes him in and nurses him back to health in the hopes that he will kill the ISIS soldier to whom she was given as a child bride years ago.