Short stories published in Mothership: Tales from Afrofuturism and Beyond

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At the beginning of Carnival in Port of Spain, a drunk woman meets a strange white man with a jewel in his chest and then wakes up in a mysterious place.

When la Negrura, a disease that causes black lumps to grow out of appendages and paranormal behavior in those affected, ravages Haiti, a nineteen-year-old Black Dominican American and his friends watch events unfold from the neighboring Dominican Republic.

In the near-future, people of color have been legally classified as infected, which has led to extreme systemic oppression. Two Black men risk everything to provide their community with a free library, but the police force threatens to shut them down.

A self-proclaimed death collector travels through time to find and record small but noteworthy moments of death, such as the 1960 murder of a movie star in Mexico City.