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At the beginning of Carnival in Port of Spain, a drunk woman meets a strange white man with a jewel in his chest and then wakes up in a mysterious place.

A woman decides to invite Death to her party, but is surprised by Death's request of her.

After her father's mysterious death, a young girl relies on ancestral spirits and cultural dances to save her from her step-mother's attempts to mutilate her (FGM).

A 19-year-old prostitute in contemporary New York City uses her client's sadness as an excuse to have a threesome with her attractive coworker.

A teenage girl's parents debate a neurological treatment that would allow her to participate in life more easily but could also mean giving up the wonderful, unusual talents the girl possesses.

A dancer becomes disillusioned after moving to Tel Aviv to study under a long admired choreographer. Once she begins to see an actor's face at pivotal points in her life, she decides to quit the dance company and leave Tel Aviv.

In the near future, the United States has set aside designated areas for each group of ethnic minorities. After growing up in one of the cultural conservation units, three dancers consider leading a life outside their home.

In the Interwar Toledo of 1919, a young rich bachelor attends a costume ball dressed as a camel and disguises himself from his fed-up lover.

After a dwarf enters a factory worker’s dream, he helps him win over the girl he likes at work. But, this help comes at a price that costs him greatly in the end.

Two lovers share their passions and dreams, dancing toward the edge of a cliff by the sea - and perhaps over it.