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In Long Beach, California, a religious Chinese immigrant finds a job caring for a teenage boy suffering from leukemia. By watching M*A*S*H and reading the Bible, they find solace in one another during the last months of his life.

A 19-year-old prostitute in contemporary New York City uses her client's sadness as an excuse to have a threesome with her attractive coworker.

A 20-something-year-old woman returns home to Dublin when she hears that her abusive father is ill. Her return causes her to reevaluate the sexually ambiguous relationship she has with the older man who gave her a home when she had no one else.

When a volcanic eruption impedes their plans to go back home to California, a middle-aged data analyst and his energetic mother find themselves trapped in Iceland, their mutual discomfort toward one another prolonged.

A middle-aged woman balances visits to the hospital to see her dying mother with her intense feelings of love for her meteorology professor.