Short stories published in 1993

Listing 42 stories.

An overweight journalist navigates a strange friendship with a legendary writer and finds his life curiously entwined with one of the writer's students, a fiery young girl.

A Japanese businessman reflects on his experience with Chinese people and longs to visit China.

A twenty-two-year-old male tutor gives various women feedback on their writing in letter form. When he quits his job, he visits one of his former correspondents for lunch at her apartment.

An advertising model befriends an older man. After she returns from Algeria, her new boyfriend reveals an unsettling hobby to the man that continues to haunt him long after the model’s mysterious disappearance.

In 1951, when two Philadelphia Phillies players are demoted to the Double A, they decide to play their summer season in Cuba.

A bipolar doctor returns to the West Coast after an extended period of practicing medicine in Africa. An unexpected hospital stay makes him remember an old promise he made to his sister.

An overprotective brother disapproves of his sister’s fiance despite his own inability to commit to a woman. Over time, he becomes less selfish and learns to accept others' wishes with less judgment.

In 1950s England, crates filled with tens of thousands of books mysteriously arrive from Shanghai addressed to a young boy's Jewish father. The father later discovers the collection belongs to his second cousin, a Holocaust refugee.

When a wealthy Chinese widower living in San Francisco begins dating a much younger woman, he realizes he may have trusted her too quickly as her true intentions come into question.

A divorced mother watches her son unravel with shame while on a visit home from school as he reveals that an older, married woman has expressed sexual interest in him. The mother wavers between whether to intervene, or to sit back and let him handle the consequences of his actions.