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In 1951, when two Philadelphia Phillies players are demoted to the Double A, they decide to play their summer season in Cuba.

A Russian immigrant who lives in Cuba gets the chance to move to America with his girlfriend, and must consider the life he will leave behind.

In a distant future in which technological advances have extended human lifespans, a man must decide whether or not to upload his dying Cuban refugee mother’s consciousness to a digital “habitat” technology he has developed, where she can live out her life in virtual simulation back home in Cuba.

A young woman with a dead body in her trunk discusses with an unknown passenger whether bad luck is passed down in families.

In pre-Revolutionary Cuba, a senator attempts suicide by shooting himself in the stomach, leaving him unconscious but stable. To figure out the cause, his wife looks back on the harrowing moments that changed the trajectory of their marriage.

When a lesbian Cuban woman moves to the United States, she finds her hopes of romantic relationships, familial reconciliation, and prosperity threatened by an onslaught of mysterious medical concerns.