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When two seventh graders refuse to let another boy into their game of catch, the spurned boy uses his magic powers to get what he wants.

A Japanese businessman reflects on his experience with Chinese people and longs to visit China.

A sports announcer strikes up an unlikely friendship with a stubborn baseball player nearing the end of his career and tries to convince him to go home to his family. Despite a long, successful baseball career, Steve Sprissel isn't ready to return home to his children, until he befriends a sports announcer who's ready to change his mind.

In 1951, when two Philadelphia Phillies players are demoted to the Double A, they decide to play their summer season in Cuba.

A baseball pitcher feels the intense pressure of an important game as he looks back on his successful career and the tension it created with his distant father.

Howie grows up to be a collegiate student athlete knowing that his best friend, Eddie, should have been, too.

A young boy in 20th-century Los Angeles bides his time before the apocalypse by doing nothing out of the ordinary.

A young woman with a fear of going outside religiously follows the Cincinnati baseball team, tuning in every day on the radio. When the team makes it to the World Series, the woman's brother gets tickets to a game, leaving her to weigh her fear of the outdoors against her love of baseball.

A teenage son discreetly researches the Vietnam War, desperate for information about what his father may have experienced during his seventeen years in the Marine Corps.

A baseball team manager hires his quiet next-door neighbor to install a public address system in the ballpark, but when the neighbor shows a talent for making the announcements himself, he begins to abuse the sound system.