Short stories tagged with Family Conflict

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A young woman feels trapped in her own life, bound to her convict boyfriend and young son. The woman's worldly aunt encourages her to move away and start over.

A businessman covertly heads to the skating rink every day with a flailing routine, where he basks in the laughter of onlookers. Finally, he is forced to choose between his straitlaced family and his clownish — but authentic — alter ego.

A young Hawaiian girl dreams of a better life for her family in the face of intense familial conflict, physical and emotional abuse, and death.

A young woman with a fear of going outside religiously follows the Cincinnati baseball team, tuning in every day on the radio. When the team makes it to the World Series, the woman's brother gets tickets to a game, leaving her to weigh her fear of the outdoors against her love of baseball.

After losing her mother, a young Chinese American girl in New York City struggles to keep the rest of family together and grapples with the loneliness of being the less-loved daughter.

A self-reliant but lonely woman becomes excited by the incidental visit of two boys in her apartment. When she unwisely lends them her long-buried trust and kindness, she quickly regrets it.

Two brothers, one wealthy and one without a stable income, are forced to reunite when the latter decides to leave his job. When a hitchhiker joins them on their drive to the wealthy brother's home, the stranger spins tales that deepen the divisions between the two brothers.

Following her mother's death, a Chinese American woman relives her childhood days, halved between Catholic school and her parents' disintegrating marriage. She remembers her old ability to make unlikely miracles happen.