Short stories published in 1987

Listing 28 stories.

When her husband's heart condition lands him in the hospital, an elderly woman living in Florida reevaluates the formative events of her life.

A college student visits her divorcee mother and her widowed friend on the farm they live on together and together they each start to push through their pasts to brighter futures.

A disgruntled college professor in Mississippi takes an interest in one of his students, a budding writer, and tries to find him a girlfriend.

A woman finally forms a relationship with her half-sister, but becomes concerned for her well-being; the half-sister and her husband each tell the woman a different story.

After Anton Chekhov's slow death from tuberculosis, his wife Olga sends a hotel-boy on an important errand to ensure that no attention is called to the death of the famous Russian playwright.

In 1920, a girl who works with her stepfather for the town butcher recounts when a woman from a nearby Native American reservation came to work at the shop. While the woman never did anything herself, the girl believes she is the cause of a series of troubling events.

A widow whose husband died attempting to fly a plane becomes fixated on the compelling young woman hired to replace him as a sixth grade teacher.

When a dessert chef in New Jersey attacks undocumented Thai workers with a knife, and claims that they stole his cream puffs, the boss and salad chef must work to resolve the issue and grant amends to all parties, while simultaneously dodging the immigration workers that the dessert chef called in to get his own revenge.

As she walks alongside the Hudson River with her friend, a woman excitedly explains her intricate vision of what would give her happiness.

A New Yorker working at a salon spends her time observing people she meets on the subway and at work. Though she meets a lot of people between washing hair and riding the subway to and from work, she avoids talking to them except for the rare occasions when she has to.