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A middle-aged New York editor becomes entranced by a young female writer whose work he rejects. As they meet more and more frequently for coffee, the editor endlessly analyzes whether or not the young woman shares his interest in becoming more than friends.

A New Yorker working at a salon spends her time observing people she meets on the subway and at work. Though she meets a lot of people between washing hair and riding the subway to and from work, she avoids talking to them except for the rare occasions when she has to.

When a Hasidic man finds a severed finger in a bag of non-kosher chips, he decides to track down the finger’s owner.

A native Brooklynite helps a big man get to Boisenhoist, a section in Brooklyn. However, as the two converse, the native Brooklynite becomes more and more wary of the other man's antics.

A New Yorker tired of the cold seeks to make the most of the year’s first spring breeze with her resistant husband.

A woman is angry at her husband when she does not have enough money to take a taxi home and must take the subway instead.

A debt collector is one of the only people not affected by a mysterious disease that leaves its victims with long rat tails and an uncharacteristically cheerful attitude. She must navigate through life with her now-rat husband, only to discover she's better off alone.