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A group of friends gather for a picnic, but as they over-indulge in alcohol, the picnic spirals disturbingly into near-death encounters and emotional distress.

A four-year-old Southern boy can read novels but has never spoken a word in his life. When he goes to his family's Fourth of July picnic, he must decide whether it is the appropriate moment to speak—or if there ever will be one.

In 1970s America, a man invites his girlfriend, his daughter, and his daughter's girlfriend to the California Sierras for a weekend. As the group skis and picnics, the man considers his relationship with each woman and wonders how they interact with each other when he is not around.

A New Yorker tired of the cold seeks to make the most of the year’s first spring breeze with her resistant husband.

A young woman embarks on a voyage across the Atlantic, leaving her boyfriend behind. Her good-bye reminds her of when she almost married an artist in Mexico.