Short stories tagged with Silence

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A young British soldier returns to his home in Westminster after the war, only to find that both he and the city have been impacted by the cruelness of the war.

A man goes to a farmhouse to meet with his young son and considers his relationship with the boy.

When an older woman seeks reprieve from her motherly duties on a day of solitude in the woods, an unexpected slip changes her life forever.

A four-year-old Southern boy can read novels but has never spoken a word in his life. When he goes to his family's Fourth of July picnic, he must decide whether it is the appropriate moment to speak—or if there ever will be one.

A driver in West Virginia suddenly encounters an older man standing in the middle of the road and agrees to take him to his destination. Though the driver judges the man for his weary appearance, the older man reveals to the driver his life's regrets.

Kay, the oldest sister of a family is struggling to support her siblings when her mom leaves the family. While working at a pig farm in town, a ghost takes over her spirit, leading her on a reckless and destructive attempt to quiet the dead.

An ironworker is racked with guilt after making a torture device for a man across the street.

After her college-aged daughter vanishes without saying goodbye, a former Canadian news anchor must rebuild her life. She reckons with her past choices, both personal and professional, which prove to be more than she bargained for.

A man fishing in the mountains of Virginia must stop at a mountain family's cabin where he debates intervening in a domestic conflict.

A heartbroken man remembers his ex-lover while reading about the dramatic end to the relationship between two famous poets and listening to his favorite musician.