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In a near future where vampires have taken over the Earth, a young woman who has ingratiated herself into vampire society struggles to remember what it means to be human. Vampires have taken over the earth and keep humans in camps to feed off of. A young human woman tries to become a vampire herself.

A college student visits her divorcee mother and her widowed friend on the farm they live on together and together they each start to push through their pasts to brighter futures.

In an early 20th century Basque village, Etcheverrigaray and Utuburu fall for the same man, sparking a lifelong competition between these two women. They fight over their sons, their gardens, and the apple tree that sits on the wall between their properties, but when Etcheverrigaray suddenly dies, Madame Utuburu decides to live her remaining days by preserving the memory of Etcheverrigaray.