Short stories tagged with Workplace Drama

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A man works in an emergency room alongside his friend, and they take a concoction of different drugs that blurs the lines between their current shift and their break as well as between reality and fiction.

After being struck by lightning, ruining her chance at the Olympics in a skiing accident, and dropping out of college, a bartender in a roadhouse in upstate New York tries to survive her shift on Lobster Night.

A New Yorker working at a salon spends her time observing people she meets on the subway and at work. Though she meets a lot of people between washing hair and riding the subway to and from work, she avoids talking to them except for the rare occasions when she has to.

A Black mail clerk faces potential unemployment when the white woman he likes files a workplace sexual harassment complaint against him.

A middle-aged Catholic priest, ignorant of his own flaws, struggles with ambition and the judgement of others as he comes to terms with the future that the Church has decided for him.

One of the few Asians at her startup, Yumi, struggles to say no to her white female coworker, who takes advantage of her helpfulness and uses Yumi as her personal assistant. Yumi tries to engage a Black coworker, Martha, in her quest for workplace fairness and inclusivity, but finds that their situations are not so similar.

A bookkeeper for a new grocery store falls for the building inspector of her store. When the inspector tragically ends up in a coma, she must become the primary caretaker of his brother who lives in a facility for people who suffer from mental illness.

A Jewish communist quit working at an editorial bureau where his co-workers are bothered by his leftist ideology because of his boss' praises of him.

After the death of his mother, a man invites his father to move into his family's home but soon learns that his father's increasing age comes with unexpected new habits.

When a New York woman learns that her assistant’s husband cut his middle finger off during a fight, she can’t help but dwell on her assistant’s luck with men and her own inferiority.