Short stories published in The New Republic

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After a boy finds a dime on the ground, he buys a load of bread — only to have it stolen by his abusive uncle. The boy must decides if he wants to stand up against his uncle, or accept yet another loss.

A farm’s hired craftsman kills an elderly man and is forced to find a new home, lest he draw the attention of the authorities. However, his employer has grown attached to the craftsman, and the craftsman has unfinished business to attend to.

Two boys begrudgingly spend an afternoon at a park, where their bold and embarrassing attempt to flirt with two girls leads to a troubling miscommunication.

A Jewish communist quit working at an editorial bureau where his co-workers are bothered by his leftist ideology because of his boss' praises of him.

A male at a wood chopping factory takes on a nervous new female apprentice but he becomes frustrated with her inability to be safe and efficient.