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The night watchman at the wax museum is a simple man, and he loves his job, especially the wax figure of Napoleon, whom he considers a special friend. Though a bachelor, he is a romantic, and gets caught up in the affairs of a young couple who use the wax museum as their meeting place.

After a boy finds a dime on the ground, he buys a load of bread — only to have it stolen by his abusive uncle. The boy must decides if he wants to stand up against his uncle, or accept yet another loss.

A recently widowed painter invites her stepson over to gift him his late father's field journals, but the visit goes poorly when he brings his girlfriend and her young daughter.

A woman and her brother are hiding from two violent dogs in the pantry in a house they broke in to, and she regrets bringing him into this because he has not fully recovered from his traumatic head injury.

A seventeen-year-old boy who just got released from reform school tries to prove to everybody that he is a good person. However, he can't control his bad nature.

In another world, an enslaved creature tries to gain her freedom, but she soon learns that life after escape is difficult to navigate.

A man in a jail tells his fellow prisoners the story of a General from the Civil War who was paranoid that two brothers whom he wronged were out to kill him.

A young boy watches as one of his best friends becomes an advocate for socialism after attending Hebrew school and working for the local grocer in their Jewish neighborhood during World War II.

When a wealthy Chinese widower living in San Francisco begins dating a much younger woman, he realizes he may have trusted her too quickly as her true intentions come into question.

After his grandson gets fired from yet another job, an old man watches the boy resort to a deceitful scheme in order to make money, causing tension to run rampant through the household.