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An elderly widower from Atlanta works for the United States Forest Service to escape his grief. In Big Bend National Park, he meets a woman who makes him feel young and alive.

A recently widowed woman lets a man into her house to look at her fuse box — but soon realizes that the man did not come for the fuse box at all.

When a wealthy Chinese widower living in San Francisco begins dating a much younger woman, he realizes he may have trusted her too quickly as her true intentions come into question.

A writer is shocked when his retired father begins to publish stories. The man struggles to admit that his father is a talented writer, especially since the stories are based on events from the man's childhood.

When a middle-aged man's wife moves away to go back to school, he worries that he will not be able to care for their three children on his own. As the year goes on, the wife becomes increasingly distant, and the husband, resentful of her for leaving, wonders if he can trust her or if their marriage will soon fall apart.

After his wife's death, a man strikes up a romance with a new woman — as well as an unexpected friendship with the woman's ex-husband.

After the loss of his wife and son, a young photographer retreats into isolation and sets his focus on training for a challenging mountain climb. He soon becomes consumed by vivid dreams which lead him to face the depths of his grief.

Pete's father has always claimed to work in waste management in their hometown in Long Island — but Pete comes to realize that this job is simply a front for his father's involvement with the Italian mafia.

An older Jewish man living in America becomes increasingly jealous of a fellow writer as his Yiddish poetry is continuously rejected by publishers, while his colleague's short stories are translated into English and earn him fame and success.