Short stories tagged with Realistic Fiction

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A young woman tries to attract the attention of a colonel so that she can live a comfortable life.

A young female aspiring writer goes to a salon and learns about the hair stylist's tragic love story. The hairstylist begs her to write the story, but the writer feels she doesn't have the skills to write such an unbelievable love story and feels jealousy toward the hair stylist.

A young Chinese woman has just been divorced by her husband and wonders what her next stage in life will be. However, her dark past makes her wonder if her life is worth living, until she meets an older gentleman.

Two men decide to let another man join in their intellectual conversation. They discover that the new man has bizarre beliefs, such as believing that the world doesn't exist, and the two men try to show him the error of his ways.

A taxi driver picks up a mysterious, dirty child who only wants to ride with him. As he picks her up in different spots throughout the summer, he decides he wants to learn more about the unusual girl.

A woman has desired to become a nun since she was young, and nothing deters her until she must choose between her dream and the love of her life.

An anxious young woman wondering why her love interest isn't calling her and agonizes over what would happen if she called him.

A seventeen-year-old boy who just got released from reform school tries to prove to everybody that he is a good person. However, he can't control his bad nature.

A young woman has a baby, but her traumatic past makes her doubt her capabilities of being a good mother.

A woman is set to leave the ranch and go home to live with her family, but her jobless partner tries to convince her to take a chance and stay.