Short stories tagged with Truth

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A nameless person tells a story of when they had an intimate conversation over dinner with a former schoolmate whom they idealized.

After kicking her husband out and changing the locks, a mother imagines he is still living with her, distant and uninterested in sex. Lying in bed, she conjures up old memories and imagines new ones, grappling with questions of selfhood, identity, womanhood, and motherhood. One night, her real husband returns, and she lets him back in.

A young woman has a baby, but her traumatic past makes her doubt her capabilities of being a good mother.

In an alternative reality where crimes are punished with memory erasure, a man must settle back into the old life he does not remember as he tries to piece together what crime he committed.

A struggling private-investigator is drawn into a lurid murder-suicide case even after he is officially off the case.

A middle aged man becomes the talk of the town when he shares a crazy story regarding his missing friend and creatures that live beneath a water pump house.

A woman experiencing a divorce moves back to her ancestor's land in South Carolina, where a ghost that haunts the property compels her to investigate her family history.

A young man tells the story of his first love after smelling a perfume that reminds him of the woman from his childhood.

Cutthroat department politics leave a young English professor in danger of losing his job and falling into obscurity. To save himself, he seizes on a playful lie that soon spirals far out of his control.

A German writer with a tumultuous family history struggles to escape his chaotic, painful past through prose. When a mysterious woman enters his life, he allows himself to hope for a fresh start—but unexpected circumstances soon put his dream in jeopardy.