Short stories tagged with Dreaming

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A young boy staying with family friends in New Orleans finds himself obsessed with their antique, lifelike doll Moriya. As his obsession grows into sexual passion, he becomes determined to uncover the secret behind Moriya's enchanting powers.

An accomplished, married man becomes enamored with another woman after she sings in a concert. He dreams of throwing away his current marriage and life to pursue a relationship with this woman.

A young man tells the story of his first love after smelling a perfume that reminds him of the woman from his childhood.

While sick and bound to a hospital bed, a mathematician-loving office worker ponders on the intricacies of his marriage and dreams of impossible arithmetic equations.

When a solider, who recently returned from fighting in the Philippines during World War II, comes to after an episode of PTSD, he realizes that the violence he dreams he has committed is not actually a dream at all.

A recently divorced woman heads to Hawaii for a lucid-dreaming seminar, but her dreams are thrown off course by the eruption of a nearby volcano.