Short stories published in Ontario Review

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Molly and her friend, Sandy, spend a tense getaway weekend together in Northern California, where they encounter a stray dog which haunts Molly afterward.

A young boy staying with family friends in New Orleans finds himself obsessed with their antique, lifelike doll Moriya. As his obsession grows into sexual passion, he becomes determined to uncover the secret behind Moriya's enchanting powers.

A graduate student at Columbia begins working as a research assistant to an eccentric older man, later discovering that they are looking into the life of a girl who was murdered.

While coping with the grief of losing her husband, a woman dreams of a mysterious young couple hand-in-hand in Central Park and begins to live vicariously through their new, gentle love.

After struggling for years to conceive, Caroline and Ivan weather the perilous emotional storms of pregnancy together. The trials of a long-awaited pregnancy threaten to rip apart Caroline and Ivan's marriage.

While caring for his wife in the hospital, Dickstein contemplates the legacy of his late father, the probability of his wife's future widowhood, and other familial queries brought to the surface in his wife's Freudian summer course.

A former geologist lies down in a hospital bed and remembers the Native woman he had fallen in love with during his travels.

Out of sheer desperation, two sex workers break into a vacant home on Christmas, indulging themselves and falling asleep. When one of them wakes up, she finds her companion dead in the bathroom and must decide how to protect herself.