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In the far future, a human veteran adopts a war soldier, developing an unlikely friendship that helps each of them cope with the trauma of combat.

In a Southern suburban dystopia, war rages between man and machine. While engaged in ruthless combat, a corporal is forced to rethink what it means to be truly free.

Lying in the hospital, a soldier fights the pain and the memories of war while facing the decision to undergo a lobotomy.

A British sergeant in the Gulf War begins to question his experiences when a strange man saves him from certain death, only to haunt him for years after.

In the far future, extraterrestrials wage war on Earth. Despite the aliens’ comparative strength, mankind’s tenacity fascinates one extraterrestrial soldier to the point of absolute endearment.

After having a disturbing nightmare concerning his family, an elderly veteran in 1910's Virginia buys a packet of fire grenades to ward off approaching harm.

When a World War II soldier returns home to San Francisco, memories of a late friend keep him from enjoying the normalcy of civilian life.

An envoy for an interplanetary agency is sent to a kingdom in which women have few rights and slavery is commonplace.

Post World War II, a dedicated son witnesses his father's deteriorating mental state after getting forced to retire from his beloved office job. He tries to soothe his father's anxiety and helps the old man find peace once again.

In the northern United States, a nineteen-year-old soldier receives advice after reuniting with his seemingly apathetic magician father in a cold 20th century winter. As they each learn more about their relationship, father and son argue about their priorities in life and whether or not these obligations are worth more than family.