Short stories tagged with Reputation

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When a group of college boys cross paths with a girl known for her infamous sexual activities, they try to entice her into a night out, only to find she has become a different person.

When a young aspiring writer takes residence with a Jewish couple, he is pressured into maintaining a façade about his potential for publishing.

When a kind, upstanding family man is misidentified as a rapist, he begins to wonder if his longtime community and friends will believe him or the accuser.

With the unique ability to hypnotize people, Ellen runs into trouble with the dean, complicating her goal of attending Harvard Summer School. Once she makes her way there, she clears away her traumatic past with boys and sexuality when meeting the man of her dreams.

A successful gentleman whose ventures have recently failed goes on a miserable quest to find a seam of ore, following a questionable character who claims to have found it.

Cutthroat department politics leave a young English professor in danger of losing his job and falling into obscurity. To save himself, he seizes on a playful lie that soon spirals far out of his control.

From a senator’s divorce statement to the poignant war stories by a prominent columnist, written word takes on a special power within the affairs of Washington, D.C.