Short stories published in New World Writing

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When a group of college boys cross paths with a girl known for her infamous sexual activities, they try to entice her into a night out, only to find she has become a different person.

The women of a brothel house live under the care of a woman referred to as Mama, while facing the disapproval and disrespect from the public.

In the 1950s, a young girl tells her neighbor that her mother is dead. The neighbor is dubious, until she realizes that the young girl may be telling the truth.

In an integrating society, an unprejudiced son and his racist mother encounter a Black family on a bus, forcing the mother to grapple with her racist sentiments.

A day in the life of a businessman consists of questioning the meaning of life and closing in on a dangerous business venture in the midst of WWII.

A jazz band drives through the night to make a rehearsal in the Jim Crow South. When they stop at a gas station for dinner, the band members' nonstop antics cause them to make enemies.

After their parents' divorce, two siblings strive to keep their mother from remarrying. As the family lashes out at each other, the sister has a change of heart.