Short stories tagged with Virginity

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When a group of college boys cross paths with a girl known for her infamous sexual activities, they try to entice her into a night out, only to find she has become a different person.

A woman finds herself impregnated out of wedlock by a man who suddenly decides that he will only marry a ‘pure’ woman. She conceals the pregnancy from him in order to go forward with the marriage, but his adultery and continued irresponsibility after their wedding give her a second chance at motherhood.

A college sophomore meets a thirty-something-year-old guy while working. Despite being exciting initially, the relationship heads towards uncomfortable territory.

A young girl engages in a private affair with a much older man to prove that she is a woman, and in doing so, feels joy at the secret she is hiding from her watchful mother.

With the unique ability to hypnotize people, Ellen runs into trouble with the dean, complicating her goal of attending Harvard Summer School. Once she makes her way there, she clears away her traumatic past with boys and sexuality when meeting the man of her dreams.

Sexual and intellectual tensions rise between a 29-year-old Mumbaikar tutor and a young American girl living in Bombay. While writing a college application essay for her, the tutor reflects on his time attending Harvard in the United States.

A Wendigo prepares herself for a ceremony.