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An overweight journalist navigates a strange friendship with a legendary writer and finds his life curiously entwined with one of the writer's students, a fiery young girl.

After listening to advice from a psychic, a struggling artist visits her aunt with dementia and tries to understand the meaning behind her seemingly meaningless words and how they will affect her life.

After his longtime boyfriend kicks him out, a promising young illustrator moves to Arizona where he reflects on everything he’s had to do for money. As he tries to capture these memories in his paintings, he begins to understand all that he’s lost as well as what might be possible.

An older woman and self-proclaimed loner is forced to engage with others at her accounting job after she is pushed to socialize by her managers. This, as well as her invasive obsession with the young woman next door, leads her into uncomfortable self-reflection and new experiences.

An old woman reminisces about her twenties in NYC and her relationship with the family down the hall after she meets the younger daughter on a plane one day.

Despite living in a world where climate change has led to titanic hurricanes, ceaseless drought and famine, and an abandonment of the old world, a New York City father worries about his burgeoning art career.

An academic who is dying from breast cancer and high on morphine reflects on her sense of failure in her lifelong pursuit of artistic brilliance. She decides her failing body has become her great work of art.

At an Easter party in Kansas, a teenage girl realizes her mother might be having an affair with her employer—who is hosting the party. When her father shows up unexpectedly, the room becomes tense, and while her parents stay together, her mother never works for the man again.

In a New York City where people can access personal information about one another instantly via a special technology, an artist-turned-substitute teacher finds himself in a romantic relationship with a woman who wants to communicate in the traditional sense.

In a contemporary American city, a young artist’s affair with a wealthy older man who acts as her sugar daddy leaves her trapped in a pernicious cycle of shame.