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Humanity has eliminated all plants and animals in a futuristic world that isn't meant for human consumption. One man refuses to kill his pet animals and plants, and the government tries to convince him to comply.

As per tradition in her country, a young girl of a mysterious Order is chosen to bear the launch codes of sere missiles embedded in her heart. To activate the missiles, the president of her country must personally cut open her chest to extract the code capsule.

A Middle-eastern man's journal, written during his time in futuristic Washington D.C. while unknowingly being followed by the Government, is found by a paid detective.

After a falling out with his government agent brother, Sherlock Holmes confides in Watson about a confidential government program that abuses advanced cyber-technology to retain innocent minors.

A retired covert operative speaks to a class, detailing the ways he “protected” his country and how protection came at the cost of danger.

In an unspecified country destroyed by war, a former chef-turned-political prisoner escapes his chains and steals the identity of a physics professor.

In a post-apocalyptic Vermont of the near-future, a former writer picks up her old craft once more in an attempt to document the before and after of her resource-starved, disease-plagued world.

In a distant dystopian society, a woman is selected by a lottery system to undergo a trial that will determine if she is productive enough to add a number to the population.

A charismatic banker pretends to have a twin brother so intensely that he is able to pull off a high-stakes robbery only to become his pseudo-self in the process.

Three very different people—a vulgar comedian, an eloquent Cambridge graduate with a chemistry doctorate, and a proud historian—deliver three speeches posthumously honoring the same chemist and lend comic but profound insight into the recipient's multi-faceted character and contributions.