Short stories tagged with Slow Burn

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An elderly woman finds herself surrounded by tragedy.

In present-day New York City, a young Colombian woman strikes up a friendship with an older Columbian man fleeing the memory of his kidnapping and subsequently finds relief from her own trauma.

In a contemporary rural American town, a psychopathic 60-year-old man strikes up a deceitful relationship with his young female neighbor.

A commonplace English village begins to observe the offbeat behavior of Magpies which becomes increasingly more disquieting.

A family, bereaved at the tragic loss of their daughter, founds and runs a camp in her name—and with her settlement money.

A somber woman mysteriously walks along the Rotherhithe docks for years. One day, she tells a stranger the disturbing story of her son who vanished at sea.

A solitary man living in rural North Carolina is invited to an upscale environmental conference by a mysterious wealthy business man who wants to use him to promote his greedy agenda.

After several months of too-quiet work at his first job in Tennessee, a young man finds himself inches from unexpected violence.

A deadly virus, created as an act of biological warfare, has swept the Western world, killing the majority of its citizens. When a lonely, naturally immune woman spots another survivor, she pursues him, albeit with unforeseen, tragic consequences.

The crew aboard a freight ship are gruesomely murdered in a sacrificial and ritualistic manner.