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A teenage girl is diagnosed with a rare disease that physically compels her to move to a city and protect it as her memory and mark on the world slowly fade away. In the city, she finds a ghost of temptation from her past that she may not be strong enough to resist.

A deadly virus, created as an act of biological warfare, has swept the Western world, killing the majority of its citizens. When a lonely, naturally immune woman spots another survivor, she pursues him, albeit with unforeseen, tragic consequences.

In the near future, two brothers seek to fix a courier delivery gone wrong - the package turns out to be a deadly virus designed to eradicate 'The Pit,' which is not only the place they live, but also a living organism.

After one of his patients develops severe dementia and begins speaking only in Korean, a Black male nurse develops a relationship with the patient's daughter.

A fifteen-year-old Yazidi girl stumbles upon a wounded American Green Beret. She secretly takes him in and nurses him back to health in the hopes that he will kill the ISIS soldier to whom she was given as a child bride years ago.

A virus and bacteria-ridden world forces humanity into virtual reality where human touch is but a simulation. When a scientist researching potential reentry encounters the pleasure of real human touch for the first time since her birth, she grapples with the limitations of the seemingly perfect yet largely empty life she has been given.

A zookeeper spends the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, and her last moments alive, freeing the zoo animals from their cages.