Short stories tagged with Hiding

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In Miami, a Yiddish writer meets a multimillionaire who tells him tales of sex and survival during the Holocaust.

A woman and her brother are hiding from two violent dogs in the pantry in a house they broke in to, and she regrets bringing him into this because he has not fully recovered from his traumatic head injury.

When a battalion of soldiers knock on a mother’s door at dawn, she fears her secret identity will be discovered.

A mother and her troubled son move to a new town. As they try to adjust to their new environment, the mother begins to fear what will happen when she can no longer control his violent outbursts.

In 1940s Louisiana, a young boy watches his father try to combat the racist injustice rampant in their town.

After her grandma gets sick, a young girl begins to make a copy of her grandma using old fabric and clothes.

A zookeeper spends the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, and her last moments alive, freeing the zoo animals from their cages.