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All the boys on a street in Nigeria are killed in slow succession by a perplexing and inescapable fever. The family of one boy struggles to find a way to save him from his fate.

Workers at an American franchise restaurant located in southern China learn of the different ways American capitalism exploits them and creates food waste, leading them to rebel against their bosses.

An ailing man's wife hires a caregiver who comes to Israel looking for a better life, and, in the process, he finds an unlikely community.

When a small neighborhood starts practicing air raid drills for World War II, a new German couple down the block stirs up trouble for themselves when they get into a spat with their neighbors.

When an old couple known for their great love seek divorce on scandalous grounds, it becomes an affair debated within their small Jewish community.

In early America, a white father discovers a community of refugee Native Americans has taken up residence in his old home; rather than asking them to leave, he invites them to stay and break bread with him and his son.

A Canadian schoolteacher sets up shop on a tiny, near-barren island off the coast of Labrador. Before long, what begins as a peaceful new life full of love and community becomes a cold, icy prison.

Following the death of her father, a prominent country doctor, a young girl must navigate both her dream of being a music teacher and her position as the eldest child in the family.

In a small town, a resident watches as the people and place change. He recounts eight seemingly disparate stories, but the town connects them all.

When a teenage girl learns that her mother plans to marry a Moroccan man, the girl figures the marriage is just another one of her mom's phases. However, when the girl starts to make real friends at the man's mosque, she begins to hope their marriage will be permanent.