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In the 1930s, after flunking out of college, a young American man travels to Vienna where he meets a Jewish girl living on the floor below him. He returns home a few months later, but when the Nazis invade Vienna he can't help but think of the girl he once knew.

In Miami, a Yiddish writer meets a multimillionaire who tells him tales of sex and survival during the Holocaust.

When the devoted wife of a Yiddish writer recruits a young man to translate her husband's work in 1960's New York, the young man must contemplate his priorities and mission in life.

A Polish-Israeli produce vendor's son is mystified by his father's kind treatment of a philosophy professor as he slowly learns of the murders in the man's past.

A young boy watches as one of his best friends becomes an advocate for socialism after attending Hebrew school and working for the local grocer in their Jewish neighborhood during World War II.

In 1950s England, crates filled with tens of thousands of books mysteriously arrive from Shanghai addressed to a young boy's Jewish father. The father later discovers the collection belongs to his second cousin, a Holocaust refugee.

In a bridge-building reconciliation workshop between Jews and Nazi descendants, a Jewish woman and a Nazi descendant attempt to connect with each other. At the conclusion of the workshop, wounds have not been healed, but perhaps a greater understanding has been reached.

A series of "sketches" illustrating the perverse and horrific crimes perpetrated by soldiers during WW2.

A young Jewish girl who is uninterested in her culture and heritage is transported back to 1942 Poland. There, she must do everything to survive the concentration camp.

An American couple travel to post-World-War-II Holland and meet a Dutch Holocaust survivor, now a doctor, who married to a French woman. The doctor's life is complicated by numerous affairs which leaves his wife unhappy.