Short stories published in Playboy

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In a dystopian future, a man tries to convince his daughter not to return to the cult that has put her in debt through a disturbing, invented currency which bonds humans together.

The captain of the largest aircraft in history becomes a cyborg after his aircraft crashes, and he sets his sights on becoming the first man to land on Jupiter.

In Miami, a Yiddish writer meets a multimillionaire who tells him tales of sex and survival during the Holocaust.

A quarreling married couple takes a trip to the mountains in Colorado in an attempt to save their marriage, but disaster strikes when they see a pair of young mountain climbers fall, leading to a perilous rescue mission.

After their father's accidental murder of a white man is revealed, two young Black girls scramble to save their father from a lifetime of prison.

A man imprisoned for murdering his brother drifts between his visiting wife, his memories of life outside, and his friends in prison as he struggles to find meaning in his captivity -- in everyone's captivity.

A new addition to the English department at a university in Canada raises the eyebrows of the staff because of his apparent queerness, and as they strive to uncover his sexuality, their hypocrisy is satirically revealed.

When loving each other becomes inconvenient, a man separates from his wife of 20 years and struggles to realize that the end of marriage must also bring an end to the life they were supposed to live together.

A middle-aged man and his younger brother, an Elvis impersonator, find themselves at the other end of a cultural shift taking over their world at a dizzying rate.

When a successful economist and a financial consultant in happy marriages engage in an affair, they are forced to navigate through their complex motivations and desires, their incompatibility with each other, and the potential end to their relationship.