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A man thinks back on his late father's thievery, and figures out how to mourn his death.

In the year 2000, Orion is a young software developer who’s hit it big with his tech company in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Despite his long-term relationship, success, and newfound riches, he feels an emptiness in his life, leading him into dangerous territory.

On a ship heading for America, a young Jewish girl, having spent her childhood during World War II, is determined to have her first kiss before she reaches the other side of the Atlantic.

A WWII army officer begrudgingly sticks his neck out for his fellow Jewish trainees' right to go to shul, which opens him up to manipulations from a trainee who tries to control his fate in the army and avoid deployment in the violent Pacific theater.

When their daughter with an intellectual disability finds love, two parents must come to terms with their daughter's interest in sex.

When an anti-Semitic teenager attacks a Jewish boy, war breaks out between the teenage boy factions of 1980s Long Island.

A 5-year-old boy with a unique way of seeing the world feels alienated from his mother and tells her that he does not need her anymore. This viewpoint later causes him to lash out at his family, leading him to reflect on himself and his life.

In 1960s Boston, a Jewish deli owner who struggles to come up with his newest joke stumbles into a scam with more ramifications than he could have ever dreamed possible.

After the death of his grandfather and older brother, a young man brings his girlfriend to Passover Seder where she learns about the family's well-contested Jewish traditions and.

A middle-aged writer-turned-community center professor finds her already scarce writing time in jeopardy when her husband’s mother suffers a drug overdose.