Short stories tagged with Transformation

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An immortal woman who can turn herself into water at will mourns the loss of her latest lover, while drugged-out humans perform sacrifices on beloved memories and each other on the beach below her.

A researcher delves into the story of a small town ravaged by unusual violence. When tigers massacred the townspeople and hoards of children disappeared into the woods — never to be seen again — the survivors of the event and the generations that came after seek answers and reflect on their history, as well as the prevalence of tigers in their culture and mythology.

Kelsey's school bully torments her daily for her maturing body, but what no one knows is that Kelsey can literally transform into a wolf. As a werewolf, Kelsey learns to handle her bully and others.

A woman slowly observes her husband transform into some sort of monster after he returns from a trip to the Arctic.

A teenage girl is diagnosed with a rare disease that physically compels her to move to a city and protect it as her memory and mark on the world slowly fade away. In the city, she finds a ghost of temptation from her past that she may not be strong enough to resist.

A twelve-year-old boy has grown up his entire life being taught how to restrain his mother, who experiences monstrous transformations that leave her unrecognizable. When his father gets trapped in a room intended to restrain the mother, the boy has to quickly mature, lest he lose both his parents.

In a futuristic, war-torn Asian city, a shapeshifting nine-tailed fox's quest to permanently take on human form is interrupted when he's captured by a renegade soldier.

When a middle-aged German man receives a message from an old friend he knew in his youth, he travels back to St. Petersburg but cannot find him. He only finds mysterious bears wandering around the city.

A pregnant woman and her husband try to escape slavery by hiding in her uncle’s pitch black, spooky mine.

An aging woman takes care of her grandson's latest infatuation: a mystical woman-rabbit creature trying to get home.