Short stories tagged with Legends

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A woman slowly observes her husband transform into some sort of monster after he returns from a trip to the Arctic.

A microphone operator returns to England from working on a documentary project in Greenland, only to find she has brought home the curse of the shark that killed her coworker and now endangers her son.

A teacher takes her students on a field trip to a tin mine. While underground, a haunting legend foreshadows a grotesque, karmic tragedy.

When a World War I machinist stumbles into a mourning mother on a Sunday cruise through Paris, his decision to help her out with her son’s funeral gives way to some unforeseen hijinks.

A young girl endures the loss of her twin sister. In grief and denial, she comes to believe in a false identity and goes hunting in the woods, where she encounters a dangerous spirit that threatens to imprison her for eternity.

When a young girl is forced to attend a mock ball, she meets an attractive man who has the wrong notions about his eternal lifespan and supposed need for blood.

When an LA tour of gruesome celebrity murder sites takes a violent twist, reality becomes legend.