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When a young girl moves with her family from England to the United States, she must navigate the foreign politics of her new school.

Children on the planet Venus eagerly wait for the sun to shine for the first time in years, but when the one child who actually remembers sunlight tries to insist the event will happen, the other children turn on her.

A young woman gets a teaching job at a school for kids who are sick with Tuberculosis, and falls in love with the school doctor.

A teacher takes her students on a field trip to a tin mine. While underground, a haunting legend foreshadows a grotesque, karmic tragedy.

Set in a futuristic technology-driven junior high school, a young boy must partner with a classmate and complete a project with no internet.

A woman reads a novel by a guest at her party, and realizes that it is written by the child of the woman who caused her divorce.

A teacher at an orangutan school develops intimate feelings for one of his students.

A disaffected teenager skips school to mourn his dead dog and tries to puzzle out the missing variable in his life.

A widow whose husband died attempting to fly a plane becomes fixated on the compelling young woman hired to replace him as a sixth grade teacher.

A father has an increasingly difficult time getting his son ready in the morning and notices that all the young kids around the neighborhood are acting strange. When his son becomes violent, the father must decide if it is really his son anymore.