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Knowing that some things happen only once in a lifetime, a man walking down a street is convinced that he sees the girl of his dreams and wonders if fate is telling him to leave his wife.

A woman reads a novel by a guest at her party, and realizes that it is written by the child of the woman who caused her divorce.

Two longtime friends move in together during the COVID pandemic. When one friend's daughter starts to confide in the other friend, the mother becomes jealous.

As a wistful divorcee helps his ex-wife and two sons clear out their former home, discarding nostalgic belongings, he finds it difficult to let go of the past.

A supposedly peaceable day for the Werner family simmers with the annoyances and insecurities of each family member, finally boiling over in a public parental outburst. Emigrant father Werner Hartmann judges the strengths and flaws of his wife and daughters over the course of the day, finally boiling over in unwarranted anger when his daughter Annette makes a small mistake.

A white couple host a child from Kenya. While their guest is not disruptive, the wife's initial affection wanes as she finds the girl to not act as she wishes.

A newly married woman’s struggles with her husband’s narcissistic behavior manifest in her dislike for the pelicans on the beach.