Short stories tagged with Family Drama

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After a sudden breakup, a college sophomore battles depression and revisits his late father's annotated book over Christmas break.

In an old family house in Maine, the family patriarch announces his death the same day that his granddaughter is to be married. His grandson is named the sole heir, and conflict ensues.

When a young girl moves with her family from England to the United States, she must navigate the foreign politics of her new school.

A sad divorcee invites his ex-wife to Ireland to visit his ailing father under the pretense that they are still together and learns that his father has romantic troubles of his own.

A Cambridge-educated writer returns to India for his brother's wedding only to develop feelings for his brother's new wife.

A middle-aged woman visits the house of her ex-husband and his new wife to reunite with her son after his trip abroad. She tries to remain courteous, but when her ex-husband appears aged and unhappy, she can't help but think of it as his revenge.

A middle-aged, widowed man realizes his new wife and her brutish brother are slowly taking over his farm.

Ignoring numerous warnings from others, a mother promises her eleven-year-old daughter that she can have a slumber party for her birthday, which proves to be a little more hectic than she can handle.

A Filipina nanny working for a white family in the United States saves coins with the child to take him to visit her home in the Philippines. When the bank rejects their painstakingly-collected pennies, she teaches him a lesson about anger and optimism.

A Jewish couple must learn to deal with their 10-year-old son who seems to deeply hate them and harbor anti-semitic views.