Short stories tagged with Dysfunctional Family

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In an old family house in Maine, the family patriarch announces his death the same day that his granddaughter is to be married. His grandson is named the sole heir, and conflict ensues.

A boy and his dysfunctional parents take a holiday trip, where the father's stress, misery, and disappointments instill murderous desires in him.

A baseball pitcher feels the intense pressure of an important game as he looks back on his successful career and the tension it created with his distant father.

A depressed and suicidal middle-aged woman is about to take her own life — when vacuum cleaner salesmen come knocking on her door. Before long, she finds herself knee-deep in a thrilling affair.

After a mysterious boat accident, a man loses his memory and is welcomed into his girlfriend's family's home, but the family devolves into conflict and chaos.

When a man's children return home to visit him and and his wife for Christmas, he reflects on their tense family dynamic, his past aggressive and abusive behavior, and his distance from his eldest daughter, who has found a new family with her boyfriend and his child.