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A researcher delves into the story of a small town ravaged by unusual violence. When tigers massacred the townspeople and hoards of children disappeared into the woods — never to be seen again — the survivors of the event and the generations that came after seek answers and reflect on their history, as well as the prevalence of tigers in their culture and mythology.

When veterinarian Malcolm gets a call from a farmer, he doesn't expect to be facing down the mythical, hungry monster its cow just gave birth to.

When a Master's student in anthropology researches the Highlands of Scotland with his hunting dog by his side, he encounters an elderly couple who teach him about the local culture and traditions.

When a young couple spend a few months in Mexico to learn Spanish for their teaching jobs, they're surprised to receive warnings and threats about the country's dogs.

A microphone operator returns to England from working on a documentary project in Greenland, only to find she has brought home the curse of the shark that killed her coworker and now endangers her son.

A divorced mother watches her son unravel with shame while on a visit home from school as he reveals that an older, married woman has expressed sexual interest in him. The mother wavers between whether to intervene, or to sit back and let him handle the consequences of his actions.

After a young woman inherits a mythical Caribbean trait from her bloodline, her grandmother must intervene to make sure she is not overcome by it.

An aging woman takes care of her grandson's latest infatuation: a mystical woman-rabbit creature trying to get home.

A Black writer in the 1930s sets out for Durham working on a project about the folklore of ex-slaves. During his work, he comes across the Night Doctors who will take everything he has for him to go free.

A woman who is a seamstress by day and spider by night commits a fatal error and subsequently discovers a malicious group who plans to kill again.