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When a young couple spend a few months in Mexico to learn Spanish for their teaching jobs, they're surprised to receive warnings and threats about the country's dogs.

When a day hike for people 60 and older has to turn back midway through their hike in Sequoia National Forrest, the hiking leader finds himself at the base of the trail without his wife and without his former friend, both of whom had accompanied him on the trail. With the company of an over-eager widow, the man finds himself contacting search and rescue and waiting to see what morning will bring.

Tiny Pelican Island is one of the few parts of the world still free from the deadly gray pox in 2080 - save for their own patient zero, the plague doctor's six-year-old niece. In order to save her family and her island, the doctor must join the cutthroat race to find a cure.

When human remains are found in a mysterious neighbor’s yard, a small town busybody crosses the line to satiate her curiosity—and her desire.