Short stories published in 2022

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Like many other Australians, a twenty year old autistic woman is unfairly saddled with panic-inducing amount of debt by the government. She uses the revolutionary spirit of her ancestor to embolden her to action.

A well-intentioned, if naive, British cleric is eager to educate a West African village about the benevolent power of God. But as slavers encroach, he begins to question his purpose as well as his humanity.

A school janitor contends with a boiler that starts a deadly fire in an over-crowded and neglected elementary school.

Clea vists her grandmother's seaside estate that was stolen from her by an ex-lover.

A researcher delves into the story of a small town ravaged by unusual violence. When tigers massacred the townspeople and hoards of children disappeared into the woods — never to be seen again — the survivors of the event and the generations that came after seek answers and reflect on their history, as well as the prevalence of tigers in their culture and mythology.

A mother takes her daughter to hide in Costa Rica after her husband is murdered. Meanwhile, a cop with psychic powers pursues them.

In 1950s New York, a world-renowned female pianist develops a mysterious condition that leaves her unable to play. Forced to confront her unhappiness, she decides to rent a studio at Carnegie Hall to sort out her failing marriage and career.

A woman visits a remote cabin owned by her new boyfriend. However, she begins to hallucinate images of his ex wife, who tells her to run.

A lineage of women born of the First Mother who escaped slavery survive in a swamp for several generations until some of the women begin to consider life outside the swamp.

In this modern-day fairy tale, a young female protagonist butts heads with her overly-protective and potentially magically-endowed mother. As she grows up and has children of her own, she begins to understand the lengths that mothers will go to protect their daughters and younger selves.