Short stories tagged with Disaster

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An old man recalls how the death of King Kong caused him to lose someone he loved.

A school janitor contends with a boiler that starts a deadly fire in an over-crowded and neglected elementary school.

When a carnival daredevil is too intoxicated to perform his big dive, an inexperienced young man who fled home in search of a job volunteers to take his place.

The return of Myrrha--a prestigious, childhood friend aiming for the equestrian Olympics on behalf of Greece—to her hometown in Virginia ruins Shirley’s quiet life as one tragedy follows another.

An alternate universe where all that was improbable begins to happen a lot. A black female narrator navigates the ever crumbling New York City in this new world order.

A young man in a post-apocalyptic future embarks on a journey to take his parents' ashes to an impossible mountaintop ocean, despite tragic tales of the ill-fated travelers who made the journey before.

In a stratified United States where drought and hurricanes have created a massive climate refugee crisis, an entrepreneurial photographer profits off of a tragedy in the name of love and money.

In an apocalyptic world where the rich have abandoned land to live on cruise ships, a rock star jumps off her ship and is washed ashore. She strikes up a grudging friendship with the reclusive island-dwelling woman who rescues her.