Short stories tagged with Seduction

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A mercurial girl named Pony crashes into the life of protagonist Henry Thigpin and his older roommate Mike, and the three form an offbeat domestic triangle. When Henry falls for Pony even after she has warned him not to, Pony works to sabotage their friendship.

When a talented linguist makes contact with the Martian species and is invited into their inner circle, he uncovers a culturally rich civilization in danger of going extinct.

An enigmatic, aging nightclub hostess finds her cool exterior challenged when an unexpected marriage proposal comes from a millionaire admirer.

An older woman has her seductive routine down to a t, but when her usual methods fail, she is surprised by her suitor's own methods.

The return of Myrrha--a prestigious, childhood friend aiming for the equestrian Olympics on behalf of Greece—to her hometown in Virginia ruins Shirley’s quiet life as one tragedy follows another.

A 20th century woman who once gave up the hippie lifestyle to become a mother, wife, and English professor returns to the past as her former lover follows her across the United States, tempting her to destroy all of the stability she’d built around her.

In an alternate Paris far into the future, a man and his anthropomorphic dog hatch a plan to improve their financial situation. However, their plans become upended when the schemes of a woman and an intelligent pistol get in the way.

A monstrous girl is helped by her mother to lure people in so that she can eat them. After her mother dies, she must take on the responsibility herself, but is met by another woman who turns the tables on her.

When a New York woman learns that her assistant’s husband cut his middle finger off during a fight, she can’t help but dwell on her assistant’s luck with men and her own inferiority.