Short stories by Roger Zelazny

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When a talented linguist makes contact with the Martian species and is invited into their inner circle, he uncovers a culturally rich civilization in danger of going extinct.

A mechador who taunts cars much like how matador taunts bulls has become a cyborg after his second death in the ring, but comes out of his retirement to face down the cars once again.

Humanity has long been gone, and the logical machine known as Frost learns about humanity and begins to grow humans with robot consciousnesses in labs.

A middle-aged male psychiatrist has the ability to see into others' minds and help create dreamscapes. When he encounters a blind woman, he does everything in his power to introduce her to sight within her dreams.

A 597-year-old cop on a distant planet comes to terms with his instincts to run from his feelings rather than face them during the worst storm his civilization has ever seen.

A man starts a game of chess against a unicorn that he must win in order to save humanity. He takes month-long breaks as needed between his moves and meets a sasquatch who coaches him in chess in order to help him beat the unicorn.