Short stories published in 1966

Listing 26 stories.

A sixteen-year-old Catholic schoolboy and his crew plot to save up for a night at a local whorehouse. He wrestles between parching lust for the nameless female essence and soft, wavering love for his sweetheart, finally feeling the two sensations meld into one when the experience is through.

A government official scorns a young man, a former student of his, by coming between him and the woman he is pursuing. The young man seeks revenge, but the corruption of his country's politics brings him face to face with violence as he tries to gain political power and romantic love.

In a rural Mississippi town, a well-intentioned Black woman tries to help a clueless young white mother take care of her baby, but the mother's family gets in the way.

Humanity has long been gone, and the logical machine known as Frost learns about humanity and begins to grow humans with robot consciousnesses in labs.

A homeless man in Paris wanders around looking for old friends, only to find that during his time away in Spain, they have all become nearly unrecognizable.

An Indian college student returns home for Diwali for the first time in two years. Upon his return, he must decide if he will please his dying father by getting married, or tell his family about his dreams to study in America.

When a man's wife gets swept up in the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s, he agrees to tag along on a march in Boston while sick in order to save their shaky marriage.

A man walks into a bar in Atlanta and becomes intrigued by a clique of regulars. After marrying one of their sisters, causing a rift between her and her brother, he realizes that the bar will not cure his loneliness.

A group of elite, highly-educated friends grapple with their interpersonal issues in 1960s New York, struggling when even their intense academic attempts to understand life fail to help them sort out their relationships with one another.

A theatre actor visits his aging father in a nursing home after speaking out about the Vietnam War.