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Shortly after an Indian P.h.D. student is arrested for hiring a prostitute, he is released from prison and develops feelings for a P.h.D student working in the library, all while attempting to differentiate between love and desire.

In a fantasy world, as punishment for staring at a naked goddess, a king-mage is reborn as a mortal. Several other cursed demigods hatch a plan to be reborn as children of the naked goddess, who is in love with the king-mage.

A depressed Indian woman trapped in a decades-long, passionless marriage recalls the one day when she truly loved her husband.

An Indian college student returns home for Diwali for the first time in two years. Upon his return, he must decide if he will please his dying father by getting married, or tell his family about his dreams to study in America.

In an alternate universe of white suburban America, one nine-year-old girl's childhood is cut short when her parents find her a marital match: a socially-awkward businessman with a ridiculous mustache. Although she surrenders to her mother's housewife training, when the day of the wedding arrives, she tries to escape, endangering her and others in the process.

In London, England, a noble girl abandons the soiree that her mother threw for her so that she could find a suitable husband. After fleeing the celebration, she visits a goblin market in the darkness of the night, where she meets a handsome gentleman who reveals himself to be a vampire by sucking her blood. This leads the girl down a path of loss, and then, redemption.

In a patriarchal village threatened by demons, Asvi, a widow, takes the sacrificial place of a widowed mother who is too poor to evade becoming a female offering.

In 1950s New York, a rabbinical student hires a matchmaker. As he agonizes over his choices, he begins to suspect that his advisor may have an ulterior motive.

A lonely high school English teacher develops a crush on one of his students, who continually writes him notes about the books she reads and calls him out of the blue. When her family invites him over for dinner to celebrate her admission to Princeton, he is caught off guard when they announce they want him to marry her.

An Indian-American immigrant recalls his life's journey, which goes from Calcutta to Boston. In Boston he rented a room from a strange old woman and fell in love with his wife long after their arranged marriage.