Short stories tagged with Reincarnation

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An investment banker dies of colon cancer, only to find himself in a messy office with a man who claims to have met him many times before — and who tells the banker that he can choose either to relive his life from start to finish, or to end his existence for good.

A Native American boy finds himself sinking deeper and deeper into quicksand as his horse watches, hoping that someone somehow will know he's in trouble, despite the lack of evidence for such a suspicion.

In a fantasy world, as punishment for staring at a naked goddess, a king-mage is reborn as a mortal. Several other cursed demigods hatch a plan to be reborn as children of the naked goddess, who is in love with the king-mage.

When a low-life janitor is framed for a brutal murder, a politician and his henchmen work to solve the case themselves.

A man who was a jealous husband in his past life now inhabits the body of a parrot. His wife buys him from a pet store, and he is forced to watch her from his cage as she brings other men home, again and again.

On his sixth birthday, a young boy receives a surprise present that forever changes his perspective on life.

A swordfish, who has reincarnated from other animals before, crashes into a giant dead snake which spews black blood everywhere. Then, a ship with new creatures appears.

Caught between two dimensions of spacetime, a poet shares stories with two women in need of his narrative insight, all the while meditating on the meaning of stories and the intricacies of interpersonal connection.

When a mysterious woman enters her life and her pesky groundhog problem refuses to go away, an Indigenous woman begins to look for clues to explain the strange and unnerving things that are happening around her. As she does, she discovers a terrifying secret about the land on which she lives, and watches as her past, present, and future collide.

In a Thai village, the life of a boy who the head monk believes has unlocked the highest state of enlightenment is jeopardized when the village chief seeks to exploit the local festival of floating lanterns for profit. Upon finding out the Thai village chief's evil scheme for the local lantern festival, a precocious child's life is threatened.