Short stories tagged with Fantasy

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A famous poet wakes up in the afterlife but wishes to be alive, and death offers her a deal. If she kills a boy, she can live for 25 more years.

A Kentucky community gains national attention when bears learn how to start fires. A curious man attempts to learn more about the phenomenon while caring for his nephew and aging mother.

Three psychics investigate a fish plant known for its history of murders. When they arrive, they discover that the killer may be more than they can handle.

An anonymous, disturbed man travels aimlessly across the desert, murdering families within their own homes in a slew of small-town and highway killings.

A young boy visits the top of the mountain for the first time and it changes him forever.

A strange and obsessive teenage girl and her shy younger brother enter into a disturbing world of dark magic and unknown forces. The girl, against her brother's warning, becomes fixated on getting a local man to fall in love with her by any means necessary.

In London, England, a noble girl abandons the soiree that her mother threw for her so that she could find a suitable husband. After fleeing the celebration, she visits a goblin market in the darkness of the night, where she meets a handsome gentleman who reveals himself to be a vampire by sucking her blood. This leads the girl down a path of loss, and then, redemption.

In a patriarchal village threatened by demons, Asvi, a widow, takes the sacrificial place of a widowed mother who is too poor to evade becoming a female offering.

Over the course of millions of years, various species in the galaxy discover a human footprint on the surface of the moon and attempt to explain its origin and meaning.

A young girl stays with a bizarre family that has magical powers. As strange things happen to the family members, the girl starts to believe that the family lineage will die out.